Summer Vacation...... and some other stuff

We returned from our summer vacation last weekend.  All week I have been planning to post a well-written, creative, edited, polished, and interesting piece on our summer vacation.  In reality, the only thing I've written all week is a grocery list.  I'm giving up on my previous plan, and will just give you the basics.

We spent a week at Camp du Nord and had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful, the water was pretty warm considering it was in northern Minnesota, and I didn't have to cook dinner for the entire week!  (And I think that's really what made it a vacation for me).  

Camp du Nord is a YMCA family camp. There is planned programming for children ages 0-18 in the mornings from ten o'clock until noon (read: free time for moms and dads!). There are also planned activities in the afternoons, or you can pick and choose from the many camp-like options: arts and crafts at the Family Art Center, hiking the trails, paddling in a canoe or a kayak.  Our kids particularly enjoyed fishing this year, and even caught a few. Evenings are for campfires, sing-alongs, and saunas in the authentic Finnish wood-burning sauna. And for lying in bed with the windows open, listening to the call of the loon on the lake.

The images posted to the right are scans of some block prints I made from a favorite photo of the kids (you can see it here). I spent an afternoon working on them at the Family Art Center, and completely lost track of time. First I drew the images based on the photo; then I traced over them in a heavy pencil line; then I transferred the image onto a rubber block; then carved the images with special knives made for creating block prints. I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out, and I can't even remember the last time I lost track of time, but I would recommend that you try it if at all possible.

Summer is zipping right along, and mostly I am just being a mom. It is a fact that I am busier with all three kids at home all day every day, and I am trying to let that fact sink in and remind myself that there will be more time for writing, poetry, blogging, and other such things, after school starts. In fact, most of the writers I know say their work is on hold, too. Summer is for other things: gardens, sprinklers, getting lost in a book, naps, picnics, walks in the woods, earning freckles, doing Nothing.

Happy summering to you.

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Kari Chase said...

These stamps are precious! What a wonderful memory and token of summer you have to hold, cherish, and share for years to come. Happy summer freckles to y'all!