Confession Saturday - on Tuesday

I confess:

--We haven't seen 4th of July fireworks since July of 2001 when I was pregnant with The Bean. I know other families with young kids do it somehow, but I confess, I can't stand the thought of the late bedtime meltdown(s) that are pretty much guaranteed (based on past attempts at late bedtimes). I confess, I love fireworks and think they are one of the most beautiful man-made creations along with stained glass, fine jewelry, grand architecture, and illuminated manuscripts.

--I sometimes wonder if introverts (like me) are really cut out for at-home parenting. I confess, I am completely exhausted from talking to three young children all day long!!!! At the same time, I do love and cherish these days we have together. If only I didn't need silence to recharge my batteries.......

--I haven't written an decent poem all summer. I confess, even though I know I shouldn't let it bother me, it bothers me. A lot.

--I am at a complete loss to understand the intense media focus on Michael Jackson's death and memorial service. Or maybe I am at a complete loss to understand our society's relationship with fame and famous people. I grant that he was an incredibly talented musician and performer, and I particularly love his early (Jackson 5) work. And I am sorry for his family and close friends who are grieving. But how is it that 7 of the 21 headlines on one of the major news websites all have to do with Michael Jackson, including one that asks "How Are You Honoring MJ Today?" I confess, I have no such plans.

--I confess, I am thrilled that my children are getting old enough to brush their own teeth, make their own sandwiches, and unload the dishwasher! I am also thrilled that they are all old enough to be in the pool for swimming lessons. No little helpers in the bleachers. I read a whole article in The New Yorker yesterday, uninterrupted. I confess, it was heavenly.

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