Dad, Here Are Ten Reasons Why I Love You

(I am posting this a few days early, because I will be away for several days).

One good turn deserves another. Plus, I didn't send a card(!) again(!).

I LOVE MY DAD BECAUSE.... the man washed my windows this spring! What more could a daughter want?

I LOVE MY DAD BECAUSE.... he taught me to love nature, to marvel in its beauty, to seek it for restoration, and to care for it.

I LOVE MY DAD WHEN HE.... speaks in the Scottish brogue he learned as a small child.

I LOVE MY DAD BECAUSE HE TAUGHT ME.... to have integrity. To do the right thing even if it wasn't easy, or popular, or fun. To stand upon principle.

I LOVE TO HEAR MY DAD SING.... because it means he is playing the guitar and singing to my kids the same songs he sang to me and my brothers growing up: Handyman, Freight Train, Salty Dog and all the rest.

I LOVE MY DAD BECAUSE HE FINDS TIME TO.... do fun things with my kids and nephews: walks in the woods with Grandpa, a trip to the township to see the new ambulance, going tubing on the lake, going fishing, going to the dunes. He takes the time to make memories.

I KNOW MY DAD CARES BECAUSE HE.... is interested in my point of view even if he doesn't agree with it.

I KNOW MY DAD IS SMART BECAUSE HE.... has a great intellectual curiosity, not to mention several advanced degrees.

I LOVE MY DAD BECAUSE HE WORKS SO HARD AT.... creating memories with his family. He loves to spend time with all of us, and always plans special excursions, many of which have become traditions. By creating these memories, he adds chapter after chapter to our family story with all of us in tow.


I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day! Love,

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ljchicago said...

Have you seen "Up"? The best memories are the everyday things like what your dad does -- trips to the park, the ice cream store, a walk around the block.