Confession Saturday: Cross-Country Move Edition

I confess, I'm drinkin' out of a fire hose.

This is what my big brother used to say to me every time I asked him how he was during his grad school years. Me: How are you? Him: I'm drinkin' out of a fire hose. I thought I was drinkin' out of a fire hose during grad school, too -- two jobs and full-time school. I confess, I had no idea.

I confess, I have committed ZERO acts of literature in the last two weeks. Unless you count getting lost late at  night in Wuthering Heights and The Deep End of the Ocean. Perhaps it's a little strange that my old reliable escape-into novels are, well, utterly heartbreaking. But it works for me.

Even though I truly believe everything with the move will work out fine, and that we will find happiness and abundant life in California, my body doesn't believe it. I confess, I haven't eaten or slept very well since the news came down from on high. I confess, Advil PM is my new best friend. Ensure Plus is my old arch nemesis, but I've resigned myself to it for now.

As usual, all my favorite people in the world are rushing to my side to help. Those near are stripping some very-80s wallpaper, replacing cupboard pulls, and hanging pictures. Those far are sending their good thoughts and words of support. My parents have come from far to near to do all sorts of helpful things. I confess, I have the best friends and relations.

I confess, I'm getting pretty good at getting houses ready to sell. Lots of practice recently. I confess, I'm afraid to jinx anything, but let me just say I could live without this little song and dance for a good long time after this go-round.

I confess, I miss poetry right now. I know it will be waiting for me when I can get back to my desk. Which has been moved downstairs at the stager's directions. Sigh.

I confess, when people ask me how I'm doing, all I can think of is the bookmark my BFF gave me a million years ago. It says:

Oh, I'm fine.
Just fine.
Perfectly fine.

I'm fine.


(Really, I am!)

I confess, I've missed my bloggy-life during all the hubbub. I'll be around as often as I can until the fire hose turns off.


drew said...

Sending you good health — mental, physical & poetical.

Ms. WK said...

waiting on the other end of the phone for the "fine" call.


Molly said...

Thanks, Drew!
Ms W-K, :)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hang in there, Molly. Sending you best wishes!

Molly said...

Thanks, Sandy.