Ok, well..... not quite. But I feel just about ready to cry "Uncle!" under the proverbial pin of NaPoWriMo.

Reader, I'm behind. At least three days behind, I think. Perhaps a poem a day is just too much for the Mom Trying to Write? Especially when she is also taking a Poetry By Firehose class, having company, and getting ready to teach Tanka poems in second grade on Friday? (I won't even mention first communion, baseball, and scouts. Well, okay...... I will). And, yes, running out of toilet paper, as we always do when Mommy Is Writing. Really, I would love to try just running out of milk for a change.

This morning I thought I would just give up and be happy enough with writing fifteen or even just ten poems in April. But then I visited a few blogs of poets who are writing a poem a day. And then I saw the e-mail from my friend, Ms. W-K, who is a high school English teacher, a mom of two, and a NaPoWriMo poet. And I decided I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet. I am channeling the energy and creativity of all the people out there furiously writing a poem a day. On May first, I think I'll feel like I imagine super-healthy people feel when they do one of those cleansing diets -- liquids only for a week, then no food for a while -- to clear out toxins and such. Well, I could *never* do that; but I will keep trying to scratch out a poem a day for April if it kills me. Here's today's effort two days late:

--this draft has been removed--

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Jessie Carty said...

you can do it! although i found what often happens with the poem a day grind is that you have periods where you still won't have a poem a day but then another day where you'll write three :)