As if to offer encouragement, two poems appeared out of the ether this morning. The one above was penned by AJ. Here's the text:

My Mom by AJ

My mom likse powms.
My mom likse me.
My mom likse books
My mom is a powit
My mom is a lover
My mom does evrethign
And shes her slfe

and a translation:

My mom likes poems.
My mom likes me.
My mom likes books
My mom is a poet
My mom is a lover
My mom does everything
And she's herself

Another was spoken by The Bean (which I then furiously jotted down. Except for a few name-changes, it's straight reportage..... at least as much as I could remember).

Play by Play

Mom I made the best play
in football yesterday Recess
had just started I was QB I called
shotgun 5-B set hike Looked
for someone to throw it to Jaden
was covered by Anthony He's known
for interceptions Anyway Jaden's
not too good at catching No one
else open so I fell back Jackson
brushed by me I was too quick
for him though Got away Too fast
for Tyson Ran by Michael
I kept running Had to dodge
Matthew and Seth Then
Parker only got me
with one hand It's two-hand
touch Mom Touchdown

Today I'm feeling happy to be a powit. And a mom. We're halfway through poetry month, and then some. I hope some poems find you this month, too.

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CitricSugar said...

What a wonderful way of discovering what your children absorb from you...

That is a warm fuzzy, alright.