Confession Saturday

I confess:

--I have not written a poem since April 12th. I confess that I am depressed about this, even though I know that the poems will flow again, once I get back into my post-illness writing rhythm. Which, I confess, I haven't done yet.

--Nobody has had anything fresh to eat in this house for three days, unless you count baby carrots. For once in my life, it is not because I don't have any fresh food in the house. No, it's because the thought of washing, paring, and cutting up an apple just seems like a gargantuan task. I confess, my standards keep getting lower and lower, so that I now consider Finding Nemo "Fruit" Snacks a serving of fruit, and catsup a serving of vegetables (hey, lycopene).

--I forgot to say that my friend, L., is the one who originally found the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks featured in Thursday's post. She had a submission featured on the blog; see it here.

--I entered the beard giveaway on the beard-y blog. And I confess, I really hope I win.

--And finally (and I defy any of you to beat this small, or not-so-small, guilt), I confess: I have not yet written my Christmas thank-you notes!!!! I confess, it's so embarrassing. But it will get done. Eventually. Better late than never. I hope.

I confess, I hope you all are having a guilt-free weekend!

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