Technical Details

I’ve had lots of questions about how to subscribe to updates for this blog, and about how to comment. Now my cover is blown: I am probably the least techno-savvy blogger in the entire blogosphere. But I will try to help you out here.

To comment, click on the (very tiny) word “comments” at the bottom of each post. Type your comment in the text box. You may choose an identity if you like (entering your Google/gmail or Open ID name if you have one, or entering a name of your choice in the Name field); or you can comment anonymously by choosing the Anonymous button. Prior to publishing your comment, you will be asked to enter a word verification - a slightly distorted series of letters displayed on the screen. This step prevents automated programs from sending SPAM to the comments section of a blog.

If you would like to subscribe to updates, there is a subscribe button on the left margin. This one works if you use a central online reader such as Google Reader. If you do not have a Google/gmail account, this won’t work for you. I am consulting with my guy over in Tech Support (a.k.a. Husband) about how to enable e-mail updates, so that you can receive an e-mail in your inbox letting you know the blog has been updated. We’ll try to work on that over the weekend; I’ll keep you posted. A warning on updates: sometimes I publish my post and then realize I left something out - like an entire word or phrase - , or misspelled something, so I edit and re-publish. If this happens, you would receive an update each time the post is published.

For those of you who want to keep it simple: I try to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but it doesn’t always happen.

All that being said, feel very free to be an occasional reader and a “lurker.” That’s what I am: someone who reads blogs when there’s time, but doesn’t comment online. My goal here is to write more, share more, and learn from the process - and hopefully to bring a little fun, joy, deep thought, and/or enjoyment to you, dear readers.

Happy Friday!

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