Confession Saturday

I confess:

1. I got The Bean out of bed last night to show me how to work the DVD player. In my defense, he wasn’t sleeping yet (and Husband was).... and I was just dying to watch the first segment of Pride and Prejudice while eating my ice cream. And I confess, I never would have figured it out by myself.

2. I am worried about Sister who has a mild pneumonia. She still has a fever, even after four days of antibiotic. And I confess that my mind goes too quickly to worst case scenarios when my kids are involved. But really, do doctors have to say things like “If she’s not one hundred percent better by Monday we’ll have to bring her in to do white counts and all that”?

3. I forgot to credit the translator of the Sappho volume I wrote about in Tuesday’s post. He is one Robert Chandler.

4. Instead of watching my favorite team in the NCAA semi-finals tonight, I went to the mall to buy a pair of jeans that actually fit. And I confess that I really dislike going to the mall, and shopping in general.

5. Yes - no food in the house (I promise not to confess this one every week).

6. I confess that I find these confessions cathartic. There’s something really freeing about owning these small guilts and worries. It seems to allow them to fly off into the ether and out of my consciousness. I like that.

How about trying some confessions of your own? In the comments section. Or in your journal. Or by speaking them out loud in the shower, or on your morning walk. Then watch them fly away.


Anonymous said...

I hate shopping too. I just don't have the time, patience, or energy for it. This is why almost everything I buy these days, outside of groceries, is online.

ljchicago said...

Previous comment was from me...mistakenly posted it anon.

Molly said...

Yes - I mostly shop online, too. But since I am gaining weight I really needed something that fits NOW (and not in 7 to 10 business days) - so decided to go. The experience confirmed my dislike for malls and shopping....... but I did get some cute stuff.