Easter Makes Me Sad

It's true, and here's why:  because it's one of those days when we should be getting together to celebrate with family, but family's too far away.  I realize I am not honing in on the traditional focus of Easter here, and thus, may be giving away the fact that I'm a spiritual pygmy.  But I've been homesick (Michigan-sick) lately and being "just-us" on Easter felt sad.

Anyway, speaking of homesick, at least I got a poem out of it.  I'm still working on this one, and I don't even have a title for it (ideas for title gladly accepted).  But it has been a while since I posted any poetry, and it seems to fit with the moment.  Here it is:

--This draft has been removed --

P.S. Wouldn't you be homesick, too, if you came from a place that looks like this?:

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