Confession Saturday - er, - Wednesday

Happy Tax Day!

Do you mind if I do some off-schedule confessions today? I missed Saturday, and they’re practically bursting out of me. I’ll try to get back on my regular schedule after this week (um....yes, that’s also what I say about grocery shopping every week).

I confess:

I hit somebody’s car yesterday while I was pulling into a parking place at the doctor’s office(!!!!!!!). I really cannot believe I did this, as I pride myself on being a safe and careful driver. I saw the car. I saw the parking place next to it. I drove slowly, maneuvering, maneuvering............ right into the bumper of the other car. How does this happen? At any rate, I left my name and phone number and now I am just waiting for this person to call. And I confess, I am dreading the conversation and hoping I hit a nice person’s car and not a mean person’s car.

I forgot The Bean's class was going on a field trip on Monday, and I sent his lunch in his lunch box with a cold pack instead of in a disposable paper bag. I confess, I am always forgetting stuff like this (also birthday treats, library day, picture day, etc.). It makes me feel like a bad mother - like I am not actually responsible enough to have a child in school. I mean, isn’t it enough that I keep them fed, clothed, and make sure they brush their hair and teeth (well........ most of the time)?

My parents are here for a visit. They arrived last night. I confess, I did nothing to prepare for their arrival - did not even set out clean towels! I bought dinner at the Whole Foods deli instead of cooking. And then, this morning, I sent them to the grocery store with a huge long list because - big surprise - I didn’t get around to grocery shopping over the weekend. “Welcome, Mom and Dad. So glad you are here. Please go run my errands for me if you would like to eat tonight!”

I confess, I hardly ever read to Sister. I used to read to The Bean and AJ all the time. Several books a day. Every day. Now there are days that go by during which I read nothing to anyone until the bedtime book. Thank goodness for compulsory K-12 education - there’s still hope that Sister will end up with some literature in her life.

I confess I have been writing a poem a day for April Is Poetry Month. I confess that, in order to do this, I have had to step over piles of mail, laundry, toys, and even children, ignoring their siren song take care of me, take care of me and proceeding directly to my computer to write, write, write. I confess that a few of the poems are actually worth working on.

Good day to you, dear readers, and may your refund be large and speedy. I confess, I feel better now.

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ljchicago said...

I confess that I don't know the last time the kitchen sink had a good cleaning. Oh well, maybe this weekend.