Wordless Wednesday (kind of): Above the Threshold of My Favorite Room in the Library

"Out of respect for others, absolutely no talking or audible music is allowed."


shannonjc said...

molly: can i tell you how much i love this? as of late, i have been absolutely shocked and dismayed at how loud libraries have become. i can remember as a kid so many days spent in the stanton library, feeling almost as if i were in a TOMB, it was so deliciously quiet. what happened to the solemnity of the library? (do i sound like an old crabby person?)

Molly said...

shan, if you are a crabby old person, I am right there with you! I, too, love the tomb-like quiet of a library. In our library, there are designated quiet areas where talking is not allowed, where even computer use is not allowed. Talking is allowed in the Children's room and the Teen room, but is expected to be kept at low volumes. This is by far the quietest library I have been to since the extremely quiet library of my youth. I'm not sure why libraries are louder these days, but I think the tomb-like quiet of the library is a lost treasure. Actually, I am sure of why: because not everyone teaches and/or expects their kids to be quiet in the library.