Sunday Words: Marie Howe and Kay Ryan

Dear Universe, thank you for public radio.

In a little twist on the usual Sunday words, here are links to two interviews: one with Marie Howe, and the other with Kay Ryan.

I almost choked when Terry Gross introduced Marie Howe as a "little-known poet." But I was glad to hear Marie Howe interviewed, and especially liked hearing her talk about the poem she'd been trying to write for twenty years. It gives me hope for a few of my resting poems that I just can't let go of. Here's the interview.

And here is Michael Krasny of KQED interviewing Kay Ryan. I am always encouraged by her later-in-life success, and I like the bit of rebel streak in her (have you ever read her essay, 'I Go to AWP '?). Best quote from the interview (I am paraphrasing): Michael Krasny asks Kay Ryan if she reads much contemporary poetry. She says 'No,' -- pause -- 'Kind of a conversation stopper isn't it?'

(Image is public domain from wikimedia commons).

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