'One must sustain oneself!'

Have you read any Winnie-the-Pooh lately? Well, I've been reading it fairly regularly for the last, oh, ten years or so, and let me tell you: there are lots of little gems you might find useful in your everyday life.

One of the best is the line I rely on when I've been caught sneaking a wee morsel of something: "One must sustain oneself!" No one can argue with that.

Another is the word "organdized." In Chapter 3 of the original Pooh stories, a search is organdized and Piglet nearly meets a Heffalump. At our house, "organize" is used for run-of-the-mill organizing jobs: "I'm just organizing the towels." "I need to organize the school paperwork." Those types of things.

We pull out "organdize" for grander projects and loftier intentions, like: "I am going to organdize this tupperware cupboard for once and for all!" and "We need to get organdized for vacation!" The basic connotation of organdize is that you mean it, by god!

Today I organdized my writing files. 

not organdized

As you can see here it was long overdue. I might rather have spent the time reading and drafting and revising, but I have learned that one must sustain oneself with a process for keeping track of such things as new drafts, current work, resting poems, poems that are close to done, those out for critique, poems to submit, and, my thinnest but loveliest file of all, placed poems.

It was time well-spent. The best part was at the end when I could survey the fruits of my labor and proclaim to the universe: "I am ORGANDIZED!" 


Try it sometime. I think you'll like it.


drew said...

Low hanging fruit?

You are organized and intriguing. I'm impressed, leaning toward inspired.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Love that Pooh and all his friends. So wise.

Thanks for the pic of your files. (I confess to voyeuristic thrills when seeing someone's writing space.) :)

Molly said...

Drew, uh, yeah (sheepish grin) :). Low hanging fruit are the ones that could be ready to submit soon if I would just take one last look at them.

Sandy, you're welcome - you can look at my files any time :).

Ms. WK said...

I long for alone time to get organdized...
maybe a sick day where I still take kids to daycare????
Good for you!

Molly said...

Ms W-K, not to be pessimistic or anything, but you might need to wait several years before you consider organdizing. Organdizing with preschoolers afoot is often an exercise in futility.