There should be a word for...

... the feeling of dread one experiences when one skips a day of doing laundry

... the feeling of surprise when one takes a sip out of a cup expecting one thing, and getting another

... the experience of reading a book one thought one hadn't read and realizing during the final chapter that one has already read the book

... the kind of light that makes one realize one's eyebrows really need tweezing

... the moment of wondering why one went into a particular room

... the moment of remembering why one went into a particular room after one has already left said room

... the feeling of delight at being carded long after one needs to be carded

... the experience of spilling a glass of water off one's nightstand in the middle of the night

... the delightful taste of summer tomatoes

... the peculiar mix of horror and joy when one's nephew repeatedly calls one "Grandma"

... the feeling of envy inspired by another's super-cute shoes

... a child's inborn desire to buy something, *anything*, in every store the child enters

... the feeling of wishing one would never have to see another plate of tacos, spaghetti, pizza, (fill in your own dinner ruts here ________) again

... the act of making tacos, spaghetti, pizza, etc., again the next week

... the act of putting a stamp on upside down

... the inflection? many of the younger generations? seem to put at the end of all their phrases? that make them sound like questions? but they're statements? (no offense to anyone intended?)

... the moment when one realizes the people making statements that sound like questions are now teachers, stock analysts, and labor and delivery nurses

... the fear of aging oneself

... the particular brand of laughter that makes one stomach hurt so badly one wishes one could stop laughing but one can't

... the painful period of waiting for the next season of Downton Abbey

... the particular brand of homesickness one experiences when one knows Everyone Else is at The Lake without her... sigh...

Any others, Reader?


CitricSugar said...

The feeling of knowing all the words to WKRP in Cincinnati only to discover you are surrounded by people to young to have heard of it or even caught a rerun?

The moment when you have to introduce one person to another and you've forgotten one, if not both, of their names?

The lack of focus that causes you to read a page several times and still not understand what happened?

Great list, Molly!

Ms. WK said...

the fact that you haven't seen your bf in a damn long time and don't know when you will...

the surprising fact that you work for your bf's younger brother who you used to fight with in 7th grade...

the fact that I have planned and re-planed my lessons and all the kids really care about is seeing their friends...

:-) fun, Mol