Sunday Words: from 'Orchard'

"I saw the first pear
as it fell—
the honey-seeking, golden-banded,
the yellow swarm
was not more fleet than I,
(spare us from loveliness)
and I fell prostrate
you have flayed us
with your blossoms,
spare us the beauty
of fruit-trees. "

--from 'Orchard' by H.D.


CitricSugar said...

Funny, I was completely unfamiliar with her but my first instinct on reading the poem was that she reminded me of William Carlos Williams. I clicked and lo' and behold, they were friends...

I'll have to track down more of her work - thanks for sharing.

Molly said...

Yes, CS, I want to track down more, too. I read a bit of H.D. in college, but was floored by the loveliness of this poem when I saw it online over the weekend. Must get more H.D.! And you are right that she was one of WCW's pals. So much to read... so little time...