Baby Steps

Not the greatest photo, but a photo.
Reader (are you still out there??), I find the only way I can operate these days is in baby steps.

The desk is unearthed (or is that un-boxed?). Have I sat down to write at it? No.

The wall of boxes that once filled half the living room is gone. Are all the boxes unpacked? No.

I have a small table/cabinet to house the printer and my writing files. Have I put my writing files into their new home? No.

Do I unpack one box a day? No. Maybe more like a half a box a day.

Are the bookshelves all arranged? No. But they're part way arranged.

Do I have a new writing schedule in place? No. But last night I wrote writing day on every Tuesday and every Saturday in my calendar.

Do I have a new poetry collection to study this fall? No. But I ordered it today from my friendly neighborhood independent bookseller. It's Nina Lindsay's Today's Special Dish. Please go read this lovely poem by her right now.

Sometimes I wish I could take some giant steps. Like have all the boxes and the detritus of moving cross-country gone from my sight. Like have all the laundry folded all at the same time for even just five minutes. Like sit down at my desk for three hours to read and write and create something new. But right now, baby steps are working for me so I'm just gonna go with it for a while.

I think there are some poems tip-toeing up behind me... I can't wait to get to know them soon.

I hope you are baby-stepping when you need to, too.


Gerry said...

I am an old bat so I am side-stepping down my 22 steps and doing it all over again when I get to the rickety staircase that leads to the Bay, but it's all worth it. By the time we get back from our walk we all need a little nap in a patch of sun. Fortunately, we have had time and sunshine today to do just that. We are grateful for the smallest blessings.

We had a lovely visit from Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia, which occasioned much fluffing up around here, so we are familiar with the boxwall fandango. I am confident that you and we will all be able to find the most important things by, say, Thanksgiving. Keeping in mind that there is a Thanksgiving every year.

The poem is delicious and I am sending a link to my friend Katy who is fond of such delicacies.

Keep steppin'. The padding along behind you is only us, trying to keep up.

CitricSugar said...

I'm forever enamoured with your perspective.

Baby-stepping here...

Ms. WK said...

Still here. Good to hear from you.

Molly said...

Thanks all. Good to know I'm not baby steppin' (or procrastinating..... I mean being patient about completing household tasks) alone.