Micro-post: Untangle

I took the kids fishing today. For them, par for the course for summer vacation. For me, a minor miracle.

Much time was spent watching lines become tangled (tangle: v. 1 to twist together into a confused mass). Even more time was spent untangling (untangle: v. 1 to free from tangles. 2 to free from complications or confusion).

Guess who did the untangling?

Yes, and I learned something.
Or re-learned something.
Or re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re(you get the picture)-learned something.

When I tried to make an intellectual pursuit of untangling the fishing lines -- a mental map, a pre-planned strategy for solving the puzzle dammit! -- it never worked.

But when I stopped thinking so hard and gave over to intuition (intuition n. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning), when I let the tangles and my hands do a slow, unthinking dance, the lines practically untangled themselves.

Note to self.
not squeamish

he'll do it his way

born serious

And P.S., Happy Bloomsday


Pepe said...

I love this example of intuition, it's so true!

Molly said...

Pepe, it's so simple it seems...... intuitive. :) Thanks for reading.