Waiting to Exhale

Reader, I took my first deep breath in five days at 10:39 this morning when I got a text from Husband saying he was at the airport waiting for me to pick him up.  He had been in India for business and became ill, so spent an extra three days there during which I was never quite sure how well or ill he was.  Between this small worry on the homefront and the terrible news from Japan and other quarters of the world, my brain has been complete mush.  I've been doing things like forgetting my own phone number and boiling my teakettle dry.  And ignoring the po-world and this blog.

I confess, I am not so very impressed with my ability (or lack thereof) to remain calm, centered, and clear-headed in times of worry.  But, I've just finished screwing my brain back in its socket.  Now give me a couple more days of deep breathing and I think I'll be back to normal.

As for now, it's Husband's birthday and I'm off to cook someone's favorite dinner and dessert... . (By the way, he's weak and weary but he's going to be fine).


Sandy Longhorn said...

Oh, wow, Molly. So glad to hear all is well and your husband is home. I, too, do not fare well in a prolonged stress. Glad to know I'm not the only one forgetting things. Me: my well-used ATM and nearly-engraved social security number.

Gerry said...

Well, but, that's the only way to deal with stress when it piles on like that, isn't it? Just forget a bunch of the things that can slide amd keep on with the main thing? OK, except for the teakettle part, that's worrying--gotta use the microwave in times of stresspiles. And so I do, and still manage to burn quantities of dinner-like things onto pans. Oh dear, where was I going with this - I remember. I think you manage very well. Enjoy the birthday dinner and the bliss of having the family reassembled, weak and weary though all of you have every reason to be. Sleep well.

Molly said...

Thanks, Sandy and Gerry, for your words of comfort. We did indeed enjoy the bliss, and slept very well.