Thankful Thursday: Good Advice

Today I am thankful for all the good advice I've received from older, wiser women.  This week, especially:  "Your life is your prayer right now."  This advice was typically dispensed from the pew behind us at church, as my then-toddler children used Husband and me as jungle gym/cat scratching pole.

I am convincing myself that this advice still applies during an Advent that seems more "O Come, O Come, Oh $%#t! I Forgot About the Cub Scout Meeting Tonight" than "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel."

Seriously, though, I love to get advice from older, wiser women.  Thank you to all the older, wiser women in my life.  Amen.

(P.S.  If the spirit moves you, share advice from the older and wiser that you are thankful for in comments).


Gerry said...

About a hundred years ago, I was upset with my mother-in-law. I wanted to tell her how I felt, but didn't trust myself to call. Instead, I wrote a letter. A real one, with paper and a stamp and all that old-fashioned stuff. On the way to the Post Office I picked up my neighbor, Janet Brown of blessed memory.

Janet was a generation older, with daughters my age. We chatted about our errands. I told her about the letter. Never one to give advice, Janet was quiet. Then she said, "I write about things that bother me, too. Then I put it aside for a few days. Sometimes things work out, and I don't need to send it any more. Saves a stamp."

I pondered what she said, and came home with my groceries and the letter. I believe I still have it somewhere. Best piece of non-advice I never received from someone who never gave advice. I'll never stop missing her.

ljchicago said...

Gerry, your comment really hit home. In the past few years, I have learned the same thing.

Two pieces of advice that I try to live by:

1) When it comes to your children, there is absolutely no substitute for your presence.

2) The most important things happen with your children when you are in the midst of getting through your day. (This older, wiser friend gave this example: she and her daughter were going to the drugstore to buy hairspray and along the way ended up in an important discussion about sex. It didn't happen during "the talk," but in the course of every day life.)

Molly said...

Gerry, that is the best non-advice I have never received, too. What a great story. Thank you for sharing it.

ljchicago, thanks for sharing yours, too. In the midst of this busy season, it's a good reminder of the importance of just being present and going through life together.

Ms. WK said...

Susan McFarland (the first) reminded me that I should read "on Children" from Gibran again.
Ah, yes.

Plus, her fashion inspiration as we were growing up can't be topped.