Praise For My Winter Coat

In and around South-of-the-River, even the grown-ups have really warm winter coats, snow pants, and Serious Boots.

Husband likes to tease me about my winter coat.  He calls it "The Yeti."

Ok, so what? is my retort.  Like most stay-at-home moms of young children, I didn't choose my winter coat (which five years ago replaced my last winter coat, known as The Purple People Eater, that I had worn since 1990) because it was gorgeous or stylish.  I chose it because it was (1) warm, and (2) on sale for $19.99 at the Lands' End outlet.  I didn't actually seek out the Yeti fringe, it just happened to come with the Yeti fringe.  I am not in love with the Yeti fringe.  In fact, most of the time I unzip it from my hood because, yes, it is a removable Yeti fringe.  But I will say this for the Yeti fringe: it serves a purpose when there are, oh, say, seventeen inches of snow falling and 40 mile an hour winds.

Note my dry, smiling face.  Note my glasses, sans water droplets.  So, I say to Husband, you can tease me for my Yeti fringe all you want, but it keeps my face dry and out of the wind.  So there.

As for my snow pants, they do not have a Yeti fringe and there is really not very much good to say about them.  For one thing, they're turquoise.  To me, "turquoise" says it all and there's no need to go on.  But again, they did not require any significant outlay of wampum, and they keep me warm and dry.

And here are the Serious Boots (yes, with a glimpse of the, okay, I'll admit it, embarrassing, snowpants):

And here are some photos of us amidst Mama Nature's grand display:

First pass with the recently purchased (whew!) snow blower, 10:00 a.m.

Um, I'm not sure what's with all the tongues.

"When I was a girl, we had to walk home uphill both ways in six feet of snow!"

3rd pass, 4:00 p.m.

Catching the wake.

Still standing.


Gerry said...

Great minds, eh?

Turquoise snowpants are not embarrassing. Snowpants that are hard to zip up over one's expanded self, those are embarrassing. Especially when one must wear one's sweater outside the bib part, as there is no way the snowpants will zip up over the expanded self and the sweater.

Sandy Longhorn said...

I love all your gear! Thanks for the pictures of winter's past (for me.) Yay for the Yeti fringe that keeps the face and glasses dry.

Molly said...

Gerry, great minds indeed :). & thanks for the reality check on what qualifies for embarrassing in the snow pants department. But remember, we're designed to expand in this weather -- insulation!

Molly said...

Sandy, thank you for supporting my Yeti fringe :). Glad you enjoyed the photos -- the best way to enjoy such a winter is from a distance.

Ms. WK said...

Ok, ok, you're not getting your own page in the "inspired" journal Ananda and I have started... That being said, it's flippin cold and it's ignorant not to become the Yeti you were meant to be :-)
Thanks for the belly laugh at the banter btwn you and Husband.

Molly said...

Ms W-K, I am inspired only to stay warm. Channeling my inner Yeti.... xo, M.