Gratitude Journal: Day-After-Thanksgiving Edition

Thankful for...

... a holiday that seems specifically designed for enjoying togetherness, delicious food, and nothing much else

... (pause here to listen to the creaking of the Back Door to Gratitude as it opens) a warm house on a Thanksgiving Day with a high of twelve degrees.  Yes, that's 12.  Degrees.  Fahrenheit.

... having enough Thanksgiving experience to feel, finally, quite capable in the kitchen, and for a yum-delicious meal if I do say so myself

... one word: gravy

... two words: whipped cream (which Sister calls "whup cream")

... kids who play outside no matter the weather

... turkey-induced drowsiness as the sun goes down

... the nine o'clock leftover turkey sandwich with a cup of tea (Sweet-tooths (Sweet-teeth?) of the world are welcome to substitute pie for the sandwich)

... dark, quiet moments with Husband, watching the fire die down into embers

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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