Gratitude Journal: Back Door Edition

It's easy enough to feel grateful when people are building you new mailboxes and the moon is gorgeous and it's warm and your spouse is home and everyone's healthy.  But, Reader, there are times when you have to come into gratitude through the back door.  Here in South-of-the-River we've had a week like that. And I am not above coming in through the back door to gratitude, if you will bear with me:

~I am not grateful for the 7.7 inches of wet, heavy snow that fell over the weekend and that felled an enormous tree in our back yard.  But I am grateful that the tree didn't fall on anyone, and only caused superficial damage to our neighbor's house (their little river birch, however, is toast).  And I am grateful for my favorite high-schooler who came over with his chain saw to begin the clean-up.

~I am not grateful to have been temporarily single-parenting throughout Husband's very busy travel schedule over the last two weeks.  But I am grateful that he has a job, and that he is now back home with us safe and sound.  And I am grateful to have a partner in parenting most of the time.

~I am not grateful for the first fever and cough virus of the season (the Bean), or the first tummy bug of the season (AJ) or the second nagging sore throat of the season (moi).  But I am grateful that none of us seem too much worse for the wear, and that I am at home and available to pick up sick kids from school.  And, let me be honest: I'm grateful for pain relievers and fever reducers and hot cups of tea and naps, too.

~I am not grateful for the little nagging voice in my head that says, the holidays are coming the holidays are coming the holidays are coming the holidays are comingTHEHOLIDAYSARECOMING.  But I am grateful for the wisdom, earned over the years, that says It Will All Get Done, and for deep breaths, and for the thought of being with the people I love in the place I love most in the world for Christmas to keep me going.

If you, too, have had one of those weeks, I invite you in through Gratitude's back door.  Don't worry about taking off your shoes (or, depending on from whence you hail, your boots), just come on in and sit down in front of the warm fire of thankfulness.  Happy Thankful Thursday to you.


drew said...

Love the idea of back door gratitude. Sometimes I feel like I have weeks of this state. Thanks for the gentle reminder to find the good within the bad.

Gerry said...

I am grateful for pixelated pals who make me smile. Wishing you all a speedy recovery from the pesky plagues, and a safe trip to the place you love best.

Molly said...

Drew, sometimes you need a crowbar to get the back door open, but eventually it gives.

And Gerry, honored to be counted amongst the pals & thanks for the good wishes.