Gratitude Journal: Indian Summer Edition


gratitude   n.   appreciation of kindness; thankfulness

from the Latin gratus 'pleasing, thankful'


Today I am grateful...

~for Indian summer.  Beautiful warm days, blue skies and sunshine.  Dark, cool nights.  Half-moon through the trees.  No furnace running, no long underwear, no snow boots, snow pants, hats or mittens.

~for mums and asters and beautiful fall leaves (even though they are mostly on the ground now).

~for an unplanned morning at home, sans enfants.  May I submit that even a headache can be a good thing?  I woke up with one, canceled my plans for the day, put the boys on the bus, sent the girl to nursery.  I am grateful for a quiet morning, nowhere to go, nothing to do.

~for small signposts along the way on the parenthood path.  Little hints every now and then that maybe we're doing a few things right.  Specifically, school conference reports that include phrases like: "he is kind to everyone," "he's such a happy kid," "he works hard and loves to learn."

~for teachers, the work-horses of our schools.

~for friends who help without being asked.  Especially for the one (you know who you are) who picked up my special order at the coop yesterday, then came over and helped put away a big load of groceries.

What are you grateful for today?


drew said...

Thank you -- for a quiet, sincere & lovely post.

Molly said...

you're welcome :)

Gerry said...

Um, these little reminders . . .

Minga said...

I am thankful that you offer us all little reminders about the beauty of life and the rewards of goodness.

Molly said...

Gerry, Minga - I'm glad you enjoy them. I always feel better after I stop to think how rich life is.