What I've Been Working on Lately

Unless you're paying very close attention, you probably don't notice that I keep tweaking this blog as I go along.  Goodbye to more and more poems: au revoir first to the ones I think might be worth working on, then adios the ones I'd like never to see again.  Hello to different labels and links.  Goodbye occasional clunky sentence or overblown sentiment.  Hello to better grammar and judicious constraint.   Not changing the spirit of anything, but smoothing out a rough edge here and there.  Et cetera.

When I first started this blog, it was partly to get some of my poems Out There, mostly just as a challenge to myself.  As I move into the (still bewildering and intimidating) world of wanting to see my poems published For Real, I've held most of my recent work back from this blog.

But every now and then I like to throw a few things out there that I'm working on.  Limited-time offer, one-time-only, fire sale of early drafts.  They are free for you to enjoy or ignore.  They will go *poof* after a few days.  This is just me sending a love letter to the world I love in the form of poems. Here are three:

--these drafts have been removed--


minga said...

I love your words! It helps to have your notes of explanation. If you take them down, then where can I find them?? Guess in your first book!!

Stephanie said...

Really enjoy the last poem.

CitricSugar said...

Molly, how I wish I had your talent for words and finding diverse inspirations! I have just finished catching up and how lovely it is to read an author I enjoy vs. a diatribe on something I don't.

Mail arrived this week - thank you so much!