September Eleventh: Words and Numbers

I've never liked the way we (the media, politicians, news reporters, our society in general) have shortened the events of September 11, 2001 into two numbers:  9/11.  To me, speaking the words September eleventh makes us slow down just enough to remember and honor for a moment; saying nine-eleven is just too quick to give the people whose lives were lost or forever changed that day their due.

And yet, there are some striking numbers from that day nine years ago.  Here is a list from New York Magazine.

Remember to hug all your dear ones today, and to say a little prayer for peace and other miracles.


Stephanie said...

I too hate when it's called 9/11 but never really knew why. I like your explanation. I think I also hate calling it 9/11 because it seems gimmicky, like we're trying to turn it into something you buy a t-shirt for instead of recognizing it as a massive tragedy.

Molly said...

I guess it feels a little gimmicky to me, too, Stephanie. Another layer of why I don't like saying it.