Florence Nightingale, Reporting for Duty

Or not.

Husband doesn't make too many appearances here at Both Fires.  That's because I don't feel it's fair to thrust him into the blogosphere just because he happens to be married to me.  But I will tell you that he had knee surgery this week, and thus, I have been a little short on a few things.  Namely: sleep, time, and words.

I must admit that I'm no Florence Nightingale.  Did you know she was called "The Lady with the Lamp" because she, ever vigilant, would make the rounds even at night?

Here's what I do at night:  write out a post-it note with times and medications, and tell Husband to set an alarm.

Then again, he is no injured Crimean War soldier.

At any rate, we are limping along here in South-of-the-River, getting ready for school to start for the three lovelies next week, and enjoying the first weekend of college football games (a little plug for my team:  Go Irish!  Beat Boilermakers!).  The weather is cool and autumnal.  All of this is channeling my Inner Planner, and I'm jotting down notes in pencil so that I have the family schedule set for the start of school.  And then I'm using a Sharpie in ALL CAPS to schedule my WRITING TIME for the fall.  Husband has been duly informed that We will not be scheduling physical therapy during Our writing time.  Ahem.

Reader, I am wishing you the best of all things September (if there are any Michiganders out there reading, eat a few Paula Reds for me).  Soon I will be back here having had more sleep, more time for writing, and with some more words about what I'm reading, ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in my writing life, and other general musings.

(P.S. Vintage Red Cross postcard is public domain from the Nurse Entrepreneurs Network online collection of vintage nursing postcards)


Gerry said...

The nursing postcard is just perfect. I'm going to send it to a nurse who just did something very nice for me.

Paula Reds. Got it. No PT during WRITING TIME. OK. Irish down Boilermakers, check. We can discuss the rest of the schedule another time. :)

Happy September.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Loved the use of the Sharpie to schedule writing time...nothing like permanent marker to show the seriousness.

Molly said...

Gerry - yes, the Paula Reds are your job! Bonus points for some photos of the apple harvest on TLV.

Sandy, I considered tattooing it to my forehead, but thought that a bit much :). But last school year, I was too flexible about letting other things run into my writing time, so yes, I'm trying to set strong limits this year!