"This book..."

The Grand Sorting of books reminded me of a certain poem.  I knew it was in my thick file of poems somewhere, so I paged through the file this morning and hoped I'd be able to find a link to the poem online.  When I found my paper copy, I was glad to see it had been on Poetry Daily, an online anthology that features a poem a day from other sources.  But it was from 2001..... that's a long time ago in cyberspace.  Would Poetry Daily have archives back that far?

Then, when I went to Poetry Daily's website, the very poem I was looking for was featured on the archive home page.

Coincidence?  I think not.

For all you book lovers out there, here is Library by Albert Goldbarth.


Molly said...

Oops, I should've linked to Poetry Daily for you all. Here it is: http://poems.com/

Gerry said...

It took me awhile, but I did finally get around to reading "Library" on this rainy morning.


Thank you for the recommendation.