Gratitude Journal: Up North Edition

Today I am grateful...

~ For the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and its windblown, water-carved beauty.  Each summer, our day trip there feels like a pilgrimage to me.

~ For my mom and dad, who make sure I get to the dunes each summer; who know I couldn't do it without them; who climb the dune with my kids since I can't; who then take us to swim and catch minnows at North Bar Lake; who carry all the beach gear; who every year make our summer vacation fun and memorable for my kids in this way and so many others, and who make it all manageable for me.

~ For my brothers and sisters-in-law who took my kids swimming every single day of our vacation.

~ For the King family, and all the other farmers and growers in and around Torch Lake Township who work all year to grow the most beautiful, fresh, delicious fruit.  Every summer, I almost weep at the sight of pints and quarts of blueberries, cherries, apricots and plums sitting in a row at the roadside stands.  The summer fruit doesn't travel well, but if you want to know what a Real Apple tastes like and you don't happen to live "in the Township," King Orchards does mail order.

~ For a chance to see the nighttime sky sans urban light pollution.  Blue deep enough to drown in.  Stars close enough to touch.

~ For fireflies.

~ For Mr. Sonny's smoked whitefish pate.  For gluten-free beer to wash it down with.

~ For sunrise over Torch Lake, and sunset at Golden Beach.  For family and friends to share these beautiful moments with.

~ For Gerry's blog, which keeps me up to date on what's going on in my favorite little corner of the universe.  Thanks to Torch Lake Views I feel like I always have one foot in the sand, even from 599 miles away.

~ For my favorite blue.

~ For the day I know is coming........ the day this winter when I find remnants of Lake Michigan beach sand in my car, and for the happiness and warmth that moment will give me amidst the cold, frozen days of February.

~ For knowing that, even though I am "from away" now, I will always be home when I'm at Torch.


Minga said...

Your vivid descriptions of life 'up north' remind me to never take any of these things for granted. I hope to never lose my own awe over clean, clear water, beautiful countryside and loved ones to share it with. Thanks for sharing your vacation and its memories with us.

Gerry said...

I look forward to the Gratitude Journal entries, so when this popped up on my feed I poured a cup of coffee and settled back to read. Imagine my delight to find Torch Lake Views on the list! I was going to write a comment about how Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are swanning around giving themselves airs--but the truth is, Mollie, I'm deeply touched. Thank you. I will strive always to help you keep one foot planted firmly in the sand!

Ms. WK said...

Thanks for the great walk through memory lane -- miss it up there. Miss you; so glad you fud respite.

Molly said...

Minga - it's both, isn't it: the natural beauty and the folks to share it with

Gerry - You're welcome & thank YOU. As my kids would say, "I *so* love your blog!" Hard not to with the touch of home it brings to me, the good writing and your wry wit. I almost got the courage up to sniff you out and make a visit to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop. But, y'know, I'm shy. Maybe next time....

Ms WK - so many memories...... see you up there soon (well, you know how fast six months or a year can go by!)