Go Fish

Sure enough, as soon as I wrote about what a great summer we're having.....

Yesterday morning was not the happiest of mornings around here.  There were rowdy boys and a sassy girl, and some plain old naughtiness here and there.  There was a mom who was not even trying to write, but who was trying to get "a few things done around here," as mothers must sometimes do.  I learned again the truth that all mothers know:  children are happiest when they have our full and undivided attention.

In the afternoon, it was hot.  The air heavy.  I was too crabby to go anywhere but knew we needed to do something to change the tone.  So, we went out on the shady porch and played Go Fish for a couple hours.  "Bean, give me all your (what are they, Mom?  Ate-ses?) Ate-ses," said Sister (she meant "eights").  "Oh, that hurts!" said the Bean, who was one "Ate" shy of a book.

I could relate.

I began musing:  What if one of them said, "Mom, give me all your attention!" instead of unconsciously seeking it through other, less constructive means.

And what if I could say, "Go Fish!"

It was worth a good laugh yesterday when I needed one.  A fly on the wall might have thought I was crazy (and of course I was, in that harmless, stay-at-home-mom kind of way), walking around the rest of the afternoon chuckling to myself.  Looking at the three darlings and thinking, Go fish, kid!  Sometimes it's good to have an evil little secret to get you through a tough day.

Today's better.  No Go fish! fantasies needed.


Ms. WK said...

Go fish needed today. I actually got out a new toy to suffer thru the rainy morning. :-)

Molly said...

Nothing like a well-timed new toy. Hang in there, Mama!

Gerry said...

I've been chuckling about this for days. I believe it still works when they're grown.