What I Learned (Or Was Reminded Of) On Our Summer Vacation

1.  Traveling with young ones really does get easier as they get older.

2.  When you are a city dweller you may, at first, mistake the rush of wind through fifty foot pines for traffic noise (I wince to admit it).

3.  Everyone should have regular access to an art cabin.  Seriously, you should've seen the 40-something dads making dolls out of toilet paper rolls.

4.  Fresh air and plenty of relaxation gives me the munchies.

5.  There are not enough sing-alongs or campfires in modern life.

6.  Every home should come equipped with a sauna.

7.  Roofs and walls are really nice to have during torrential rain.

8.  Brand name Ziploc bags (which my mom used to store the homemade graham crackers she baked for our vacation s'mores) are far superior to the store brand available at my friendly neighborhood discount store (BTW, I could write a whole post about this, having suffered multiple repetitive stress injuries from repeated attempts to actually seal the off-brand bags).

9.  Sharing stories, even sad ones, draws folks together and enriches lives.

10.  Never cut down your Sentinels.

This last one probably requires a bit more explanation.  See the trees in the photo?  Well, at least the trunks of the trees in the photo?  Those trees stand at the edge of the Boundary Waters.  They are called the Sentinels, and they must be eighty feet tall (more?  I never have been good at spatial relations).  Way back in the day before this area was a protected wilderness, the lumberjacks left the Sentinels standing, rather than harvesting them, so that they could use the two trees as landmarks.  In today's world it's hard to imagine that someone who could profit from something would leave it be.  But I am grateful to those old lumberjacks, and I think they had it right: some things are too precious to get rid of.  The Sentinels have me thinking about those landmarks (I use the term figuratively) that we all have that keep us from losing our way..... those goals, dreams, ideals, ideas, and beliefs that we can cast our eyes upon when we lose the path for a time.  As The Bean says of the Sentinels, "They're huge! and they're amazing!"  Just as landmarks -- literal and figurative -- ought to be.  What are your sentinels?


CitricSugar said...

The river. If I was lost in the Rockies, if I could find the river, I know I could follow it all the way home.

Lovely post, Molly.

ljchicago said...

Totally agree about the Ziplocs. For a while I was buying the cheap-o ones and the closure always broke. Now I buy the Ziploc and wash them out. One bag lasts us a long time.

I am planning to make graham crackers for the first time this summer. I've never heard of anyone else doing it -- of course, your mom! Still make her granola all the time.