Confession Saturday

I confess:

~I've been calling Saturdays "Submission Saturday" lately. My goal is to submit poems to one journal or contest every Saturday (inevitably, there will be some Saturdays when I don't submit, but it's good to have a goal). I confess, I hate submitting poems. When it comes time to submit, even my best poems look weak and scattered to me. I confess, I submit them anyway and each day I walk down to the mailbox and/or check my e-mail saying "Hmm, I wonder if that rejection I sent off for will come today." I confess, this joke makes me feel better when the rejections do come in.

~I confess, the Inner Critic is a loud mouth but the Inner Critic is not as loud as Me. (Take that, Inner Critic!).

~I have been waking up at 4:30 a.m. three mornings a week to write. I confess, when I skip a morning I start to get nervous and panicky that the Muse might've dumped me in the interval. On the other hand, if I wake up every morning at 4:30 I'm way too tired by, say, Wednesday. I confess, I'm a little bit proud of myself for being both (a) committed, and (b) measured in my approach to finding time to write.

~Husband just took the three lovelies to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping. I confess, he has raised himself up to Hero Status in my mind by doing this. Three cheers for Husband!

~Crabby Mommy has been hanging out around here a little too often lately. She has been ordering people around, and she means NOW! She has been doling out ineffective punishments, rather than taking the time to discipline (root: instruction given to a disciple). She has, for the sake of getting-done-what-she-wants-done, in some moments, forgotten the long-term goal of this endeavor we call Family Life. Zen Mommy and Crabby Mommy had a long talk this morning. Zen Mommy is back in the driver's seat. I confess, I hope she stays there for a while.

~This time of year always feels too busy to me. There are spring sports (I confess, I could do without youth sports altogether until age 10). There are spring concerts. There are spring plays. There are spring carnivals. There are spring volunteer appreciation days. There are spring field trips. I confess, the Introvert in me wants to hide under my bed until June 15th when it's all over for the year. Perhaps Zen Mommy could have a talk with the Introvert, too.

~I confess, I would rather buy poetry books than new clothes. Which is why I buy poetry books instead of new clothes. Please, somebody tell the fashion police I have other priorities. OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, I admit it: I wish I were both poetry-literate and fashionable.

~I confess, I'm the Lunch Lady today so I've gotta run! Happy weekend, Everyone.

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CitricSugar said...

This post made me delightfully smiley.

I would rather buy books than clothes, expect rejections with backwards optimism, and order people around somewhat ineffectually.