Signs of Spring

Okay, I know this is probably just a big ol' fake-out by Mama Nature, but I can't help but rejoice in the signs of springs emerging this week in South-of-the-River. Winter lasts long enough that the coming of spring feels like a miracle every year, doesn't it? Or, as the Spanish poet Antonio Machado put it:

Spring has arrived.
Nobody knows how it happened.

Spring hasn't exactly arrived, but it's sending us little missives -- green shoots at the base of a plant, the back yard stream thawing, rain instead of snow, sightings of basketballs, scooters and rain boots -- promises that it will arrive. One of the great joys of motherhood for me is to watch my children experience joy -- pure, exuberant joy. There has been a lot of that around here lately because of warmer temps, rain instead of snow, and even one (one!) sunny day when the temperature hit 50 and they all donned shorts and t-shirts. I thought I'd share with you a few signs of spring. Hope you enjoy.


Ms. WK said...

One of the pure joys: witnessing their joy. Too true.
Note: they are getting easier as they get a bit older -- you were right.
Simon's favorite saying right now is "I NEED it". Well, I have decided that I NEED you to be my neighbor! Our kids need to play together...

Molly said...

Ms WK, there is nothing I would love more than being your neighbor (except maybe being my mom's neighbor). Here's to JOY.