Maybe some of you are working on your novels this month for NaNoWriMo. Not I. No, I'm still trying to scratch out a poem whenever I get a chance. But even poets have a some daily writing motivation in November, courtesy of the Poetic Asides blog which posts a prompt every day during the month of November, with the goal of having the bare bones of a chapbook by month's end.

Today's prompt was: "Maybe (blank)"

Ugh, I thought, Maybe not.

But trying to be a good sport, I went over to my pile of index cards labeled with delicious words, and pulled out two. They read: (1) fence, (2) gate. Coincidence? Maybe.

At any rate, here's my effort for today (ohhhhh...... and maybe it's just about killing me to post a first draft here):

--this draft has been removed --

P.S. Maybe you are wondering when NaPoWriMo is? It's in April.


Ms. WK said...

Thanks for posting! Do you want commentary?
Thanks too for the website with the daily poetry post -- Asides. Looks like Garrison's out for next week and Robert's in. :-)

Molly said...

Commentary always welcome. That's how drafts get better.

Ming said...

I love reading your poems! Because I know you so well, I find myself thinking about how the words you select in some way reflect your life. The first stanza sounded sad and full of roadblocks, the second so more upbeat, open and full of acceptance.