Confession Saturday - On Sunday

I confess:

--I am beyond thrilled to have learned a trick for avoiding bifocals. When I went to the eye doctor last week, the nurse told me that with my prescription, if I'm having trouble reading up close, I can just take my glasses off. I tried it at the grocery store while reading labels, and it works! I confess, I have every intention of milking this trick for all it's worth -- I'm hoping to get a good fifteen years out of it, or more.

--I am also beyond thrilled to have put on thirteen pounds since last year at this time, thanks to a new medication and a resulting stretch of better health. I confess, I feel hesitant to express joy over weight gain in our skinny-loving culture, but I feel so much more feminine and generally healthier with a little meat on my bones. And, to all those who wish you could lose five or ten pounds, I want to say this: savor your extra weight. Consider it an insurance policy against illness, famine, stress, and long stretches of frigid weather which should be arriving any day now.

--I confess, one of the best things about weighing more is being able to have a whole glass of wine without getting tipsy! Woo hoo!

--I sometimes have a hard time knowing how to balance Real Life with The Dream. For example: I would love to pursue an MFA in creative writing (The Dream), but then there are three children who (we hope) will be going to college someday (Real Life). What's best to model: pursuing your own dreams or making sacrifices for the people you love? Can I model both if I spend what little we have saved for their college on myself? I confess, I think it might be easier to decide if I wanted to pursue a lucrative career that could potentially add to the college coffers, but I don't know of too many poets who are raking in the big money.

--I have no idea how I get so very behind on my e-mail when I don't even have a job.

--I am just a Baby Blogger. I have no idea how many people, if any, read my blog. I don't even have comment notifications turned on, so sometimes I don't see the comments until weeks later when I am looking for something in an old post. I know some bloggers get all the stats on their blogs and can tell how many readers they have, how many links to their blog have been made, and even what search terms people are using to find them. I confess, I don't know how to do any of that, but I'm just going to keep plugging away over here at Both Fires because it's fun for me.

--I confess, Advent is my favorite liturgical season of the year, and I wish you a time of joyful waiting, of hushed and holy moments, of silent nights.


CitricSugar said...

As an borderline skinny girl, I salute the weight gain! I know how hard it can be to put it on and the flack one can get for it from people who wouldn't want you to heckle them for their weight.

Go for your MFA. The time will make itself. From one baby-blogger to another, even the sky cannot limit you. You are so very talented.

And I love Advent, too. Anticipation, hope, and joy.

Ms. WK said...

I confess: I love reading your blog! Who cares who else does!

Real v. ideal. Wish I had an answer. The answer will become clearer... wait for it. think of all you have learned from adults in your early life. What do you want your kids to "know" ???

No easy answer.

DLD said...

I discovered your blog through facebook a few weeks ago, and I read it. I'm a bit of a blogger myself, and I know how strange it can be not to know who you're writing for.

Molly said...

Ok, it's confirmed: I have at least 2 (maybe 3?) readers -- PLUS my mom, of course. That's definitely enough for me to keep going :).