This Is Just To Say

I have abandoned
civilization - where I could connect
to a wireless network -
for The Lake

and if
you were wondering
if I have abandoned this blog,
I have (temporarily)

Forgive me
The Lake is magnificent
so blue
and so deep

(Do you know the poem I am not-so-masterfully parodying here? It is "This Is Just To Say" by William Carlos Williams. He was a New Jersey poet who was also a physician, and he wrote poems on his prescription pads between patients. I think his poem a beautiful love note. You can read the real thing here.

I am borrowing a computer to post this. I will be back to civilization, and to this blog, in late August.)

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ljchicago said...

I had never heard of William Carlos Williams until today, when I came across him name in a book I'm reading and the character talks about the poem about the red wheelbarrow and the chickens. And then I got your post and you wrote in his style. Hmm...

Hope you are having a great time.