Confession Saturday

I confess:

1.  This week I felt more like a mom trying to write than a writer raising kids.  I "slept in" (gasp - 'til six o'clock!) every morning and did not get up to write.  I scheduled too much, something every day, some days two things, or three, and wore myself out.

2.  There is no food in this house, and no plan to get any.  Every week I do this: I get busy doing stuff and we run out of food before I've arranged for groceries - before I even have a list.  Every week I swear I'm not going to do it next week, but I always do.  The truth is I would rather read, write letters, jot down little scraps of poems in my notebook, play on Facebook, and take naps, than figure out a grocery list.

3.  Lent is almost over and I haven't been to confession.  And I probably won't go.  And I'm not sure I agree with the Church that I should.

4.  Sometimes I lie to my kids when they wake up early in the morning, and tell them it's still the middle of the night and they must go back to bed.  The truth is I just want a few minutes of quiet to myself, and three or four sips of hot coffee, before the madness begins.

5.  Husband took two vacation days this week, and I admit I thought of them more as vacation days for me than for him.  Aha! - someone to help with getting the kids ready for school; with transportation; with fixing lunch, bathroom breaks, tucking in for naps; with homework; with constant monitoring of a child who shall remain unnamed who has his/her own ideas about how things should go and who is constantly stealing my scissors, busting out of Time Out, and rearranging my closet, amongst other activities.  I'm not sure Husband got any "vacation."  But he did get a flat screen TV, so my guilt is (somewhat) assuaged.

6.  And lastly, I confess I still feel funny (shy, self-indulgent, unsure) about writing this blog, but my friend M. says she likes it so I'm going to keep doing it for now.

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ljchicago said...

#2 -- I, too, am so tired of the meal planning, meal fixing, meal cleaning up.

#4 -- We used to tell Joseph that he couldn't come out of his room until 6. (That's when he was getting up at 5.) Now he can't come out until 7, but he thinks it's 6 because his bedroom clock is set to mountain time. Re: your coffee -- I think I reheated mine in the microwave 4 times yesterday morning just so it would be hot. Took me about an hour to drink it.

#5 -- Like it when he's home, but usually get more more stuff "done" when he's not, for some reason.